To take responsibility

Can you take all the responsibilities yourself?

People make decisions 30,000 to 50,000 times a day. From the beginning of the day, you make many decisions about what time in the morning to get up, brush your teeth, wash your face …

These decisions and actions have consequences. Management makes decisions based on the situation and then takes action.


From the recognition of your current position to making the final decision, how many conscious decisions are made? Most of the decisions during this time are unconscious, intuitive decisions (subconscious knowledge and abilities, experience).

The basis of that judgment is repetitions of decisions made under similar conditions, the degree of experience, or a positive habit against self-responsibility.

The problem is that we cannot say that there is a future for the extension of the past. In order not to regret, you need to learn and be prepared in advance. Learning is something that no one has ever experienced, so you cannot ask people or look it up in a book. Therefore, we have no choice but to broaden our futuristic and hypothetical thinking power.
It requires the ability to judge the current situation and gain insight into the future. In order to develop them, it is necessary to create many circuits that enter the world of creativity from a young age, to create thinking circuits with scenario imagination and design thinking, and to grow strongly.

“Boys be ambitions!” This is what Dr. Clark of the Sapporo Agricultural College (now Hokkaido University) left to the students. It is a wonderful education in view of the academic way of study at that time though it is natural now.

It’s easy to say that you make people have aspirations, it is very important to have a big purpose and goal for the coming future. It is necessary to study with a variety of world and future views.

Life affects a lot of people, but management is limited to special areas because it is the creation of a business model. But what is needed in both special and general areas is that expertise, both of which can create something completely different due to conflict.

It is the responsibility of executives, managements, and others who empower and educate young people to take responsibility for their future and learn what to do for the world.

responsible decisions × action × responsibility to accomplish

Human virtue cannot have unless you are a tolerant person. In order to do so, we need to be free to challenge every environment in the world from a young age.

Create an environment where you have free access to resources at any time. By doing so, you can see how the world moves, how the whole wave is formed and where it goes, and your responsibility for your path becomes clear.

What remains after making decisions and acting responsibly? It is to take responsibility for its actions and to do repeatedly so until the results come out. That is how we take responsibility through conflicts of decisions and actions. It becomes a virtue to do it repeatedly.

Yoichiro Sugii